Newest MW2 vid: Flagrunner

Infinity Ward has done it again. They've teased me to the point of blogging. Damn them and their kickass videos...

Setup Time

We've all got an obsession with it. Time to show it off. If you've got a picture of you're gaming setup, I wanna give people a chance to show them off.

Here's mine...
42" Sanyo 1080p
Xbox 360
PS1 (that's right)
Old School Fisher cabinets with a total of 4 12" speakers for one loud frag fest..

Just a note

Just a quick note to everyone... I've only been on this for going on 2 days now. It might be a slow process as I get used to all of this so please be patient as I will try and be patient with all of this new stuff as well...


Fair to Midland

On a quick note, I recently went back and paid some more attention to a band I put on the sideline a while back. Fair to Midland's album "Fables From A Mayfly: That Which I Tell You Three Times Is True" has been dominating my playlist for the past couple with weeks. Very different and interesting stuff. Lord of the Rings meets System of a Down. Definitely a love'em or hate'em kinda group but I recommend everyone give them a chance.

Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes - Fair To Midland


Modern Warfare 2: Official Infinity Ward video

The official video from Infinity Ward showing a few of the new add-ons to what was already one of those most perfect games ever made...

Dead Space

     So I was cruising around Best Buy the other day in hopes of finding a bargain on a 360 game.  After searching and searching their games and almost giving up entirely, I happened upon a copy of Dead Space for only $30.  Since this fit my budget perfectly, it found its way into my collection.

     Where to begin...  For starters, when I put the game and the opening sequences started playing, I could already tell I was in for a creep-filled horror experience.  Let's just say I was no disappointed.  You play the role of Isaac Clarke (who received his name from two of the greatest sci-fi writers, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke), a deep-space mechanic sent on a mission to locate and repair a distressed mining ship named the Ishimura.  Upon arrival, you and the rest of the crew notice no signs of life or activity from the ship and typically must go investigate (what kind of horror game would it be if you didn't?)  Minutes after crashing your ship into the Ishimura the game proceeds to take you on an asshole puckering adventure down abandoned and bloody corridors with horrific messages wrote in blood everywhere.

     This game incorporates the ever more popular 3rd person, "over-the-shoulder" view.  The developers took this idea and decided to add a little more flare of their own.  The player's health display and energy display are all presented on the back of the suit worn by Isaac which adds a new twist to the game where those stats are typically displayed in the corners of the screen.  The highest feature on my list is the navigation.  By simply clicking the right stick on the 360 controller, the character holds out his hand and shines a light on the floor which displays a glowing blue line showing the player which direction to go.  All I can say is, "THANK GOD!"  Without this feature this game would have been a maze of blood, gore, and dimly lit hallways that would have earned itself a place on my "Screw-this-game-it-just-pisses-me-off" list...

     This game has, so-far, done nothing but impress me with it's ingenuity, impressive graphics, and gripping storyline.  Definitely worth my $30.  A must play for all horror fans... hell, for that matter, all VIDEO GAME fans...  4 1/2 stars.




The Watchmen

     I realize that this is a bit dated on the time line of new releases but I don't believe I could have a geeky blog without mentioning this piece of genius.  As one who has read the graphic novel and took part in a midnight showing of the theatrical release, this movie and novel cannot be missed.


     Zack Snyder, director of 300 and Dawn of the Dead, did a fantastic job capturing the essence and ideals that went into the writing of this story.  Apart from what most fans find to be a drastic alteration to the end of the story, which I won't spoil here, the moral dilemma behind the ending was still captured in true Watchmen fashion.

    Apart from the directing, further notice should be given to the casting of the film.  Jackie Earle Haley stole the movie with his perfect interpretation of Rorschach.  Watch for him to be filling the role of Freddy Krueger in the remake of "Nightmare on Elm Street," which is in post-production right now.  Billy Crudup also did a fantastic job of playing the god-like Dr. Manhattan.  Be warned, if you're opposed to numerous scenes involving a blue dong, this character is not for you.

     All in all, this movie earned itself a high ranking spot on my list of must see movies.  5 stars.

Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan

Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach


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